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I wrote about Scott's business as one of the examples on the Your Options page. To this day I have never had a customer get me all the digital graphics, verbiage, links, and other content as quickly as he did.  The web site changed some of the ways that Scott does business.  He now directs his customers to his web site for detailed information about his products and services.  There are pictures of his work and product installations.  The web site also pulls numerous videos into it from his vendors web sites, which provides testimonials, instructions, detailed product information, etc.  It's like his own full-time sales force that never sleeps and works for free. 


They are located in Black River, MI or Up North as the people from the bottom of the mitten say.  So, I broke away from the colors of his logo to create something more outdoors like.  I created a couple templates for him to choose from, where the main difference was the background.  I also created one that had various shades of light blues and whites, which looked very modern.  However and as I espected, Scott really liked the bronze/brown theme with the wood background.  I do too and often direct people to his site to show off my work ;-)

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