Anybody who has been using Yahoo email over the past few years has experienced the frustrations of having everybody in their contact list receiving spam from them, usually offering them Viagra or infecting their computers with viruses.  It happens to somebody I know almost daily now.  I wrote about this and what to do if this happens to you on my Email Accounts page.  I also had this happen to me with my Hotmail account.

Death of Yahoo Email

I am no longer using either of those accounts for actually emailing anybody.  I only use them as accounts to create accounts for other services like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.  Since I deleted all of the contacts, spammers have no use for hacking those accounts.


I am now using only my domain's email account services for email.  It gives me the ability to create filters and redirect spam to another account that I check to make sure only spam is getting sent to.  Right now I'm averaging about 200 spam email messages per day.  I still get some in my actual account, but they're manageable.


The final boiling point for me with Yahoo was the absolute burden their ad services places on viewing emails.  Every time you click on an email to read or delete it, they refresh the page with ads.  Whether I use Firefox (my default and preferred browser) or Internet Explorer the performance is terrible, constantly locking up or giving me error messages about plugins not responding, etc.  I just couldn't take it anymore.


I looked into email services for people who do not have their own domains and came across Thexyz.  I've not used it before, but if I did not have my own domain and email services I would sign up and give them a try.  It's inexpensive and seems to be able to do what people actually need: To send and receive email without being slammed with spam or having their accounts hacked.


The longer you have an email account the more difficult it can be to stop using it.  You tell everybody that you have a new email address, but are worried they'll forget or wonder if you'll not receive some important email in the future.  You don't have to worry. You can continue to check the email until you're certain everybody's got your new address.  You can export your contacts from Yahoo (before you delete them all) and many services give you the ability to import contacts.  Yea it takes some time, but trust's worth it! 


As I am writing this I have to believe many people are in the process of silently saying to Yahoo, R.I.P.